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19 июня 2014
The International Institute for Energy Training (IIET) в партнерстве с Институтом энергетики проводит семинары по энергосервисным контрактам

ESCO and Energy Performance Contracting (EPC) Training Program The International Institute for Energy Training (IIET), is pleased to launch its Certified Professional in Energy Performance Contracting (CPE) training program, in collaboration with Institute of Energy (Russia)/

About the CPE
• Previously offered to private clients and utilities and now a newly repackaged program
• Module-based training program
• Covers the essential knowledge needed to run an ESCO
• Intended for ESCOs, energy efficiency service providers, ESCO clients and anyone involved in energy performance contracting
• Based on over three decades of experience in energy performance contracting
• Can be offered on site at your facilities to groups of 15 trainees or more
• First module, “Introduction to EPC”, already made available online

Contact us today
• To learn more about the CPE program
• To sign up for a CPE course
• To book a CPE course to be delivered in your workplace
• To partner with us in promoting the CPE in your country or region

About the IIET
• Econoler’s training arm
• Leader in sustainable-energy training
• Specialized in high-quality training on energy management and energy efficiency
• Partnered with some of the world’s leading brands in sustainable energy
• Offers more than 20 standardized training courses/programs

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